Our daily specials


Our daily specials

Chef’s instant suggestions 26.- : Every day the Chef Christophe Hubert cooks a daily bistronomic proposal, raw and natural, where the product becomes the main subject of the plate.

– Special offer : Perch fillet, french fries, green salad, home made dessert choice and coffee or tea. Only 35 CHF.

More choice by consulting the new Chef Christophe Hubert Menu.

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Monday, 14th of december
Mijoté“ of Beef”
Farfalle & Cauliflower Gratin

Tuesday, 15th  december
Haddock fillet, lemon sauce
Pilaf Rice, Steamed spinach

Wednesday, 16th of december
Veal pojarski with tarragon sauce
Rösti, Braised endives

Thursday, 17th of december
Pan-fried turkey «sot l’y laisse » with chorizo ​​
Quinoa, Celery, apple and chives

Friday, 18th of december
Poached saithe with dill
Parsley potatoes
Braised lettuce

Sunday, 19th of december
Roasted duck breast, pepper sauce
Hash Browns and Green Beans

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